Art x Tech Tour of "DIG SHIBUYA" with Shinko Osada of Future Design Shibuya

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Hi everybody! What we would like to introduce to you today is a special tour that allows you to deeply experience the cultural event "DIG SHIBUYA 2024" co-sponsored by Shibuya City! DIG SHIBUYA is a cutting-edge ART x TECH event that mixes technology, culture, and entertainment, and will be held at various locations in Shibuya for three days from January 12th to 14th, 2024. The tour to fully enjoy Shibuya while experiencing art and technology will be guided by Shinko Osada of Shibuya Mirai Design, a general incorporated association that has been responsible for promoting and supporting the implementation of cutting-edge technology in Shibuya Ward.

Shinko Osada, Director and Executive Director of Shibuya Mirai Design General Incorporated Association

Here, we will talk about the tour with Mr. Osada and Akiko Miyamoto of the Shibuya City Industry, Tourism and Culture Department, who was in charge of launching the event. As I listened to the story of how DIG SHIBUYA was born, I realized that this tour is perfect not only for people who like tech and art, but also for people who are interested in urban development. ! I have felt that. Now, let's hear from them! Time goes back to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.


DIG SHIBUYA 2024  The event itself will be held for 3 days from January 12th (Fri) to January 14th (Sun).

Let's paint Koen-dori with art!

_DIG SHIBUYA is co-sponsored by Shibuya Ward. What was the background behind the event?

Osada_Don't you have the impression that Shibuya is always crowded with people? In fact, I don't think it was a town that had trouble attracting customers. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there were no people in Shibuya, and the mindset of the government and people in the town changed. At the same time, the idea of ​​actively using technology for urban development emerged, and new systems and services were launched with Web 3.0 and the Metaverse (*). I think the coronavirus pandemic in Shibuya was a period of several years in which we thought about how to combine urban development and technology.

*A well-known example is Virtual Shibuya, a city-linked metaverse officially recognized by Shibuya City that opened in May 2020. Mr. Osada has been involved in this initiative since its inception.

Miyamoto: We also received requests from overseas technology companies. We have received requests from people who want to set up ART x TECH in Shibuya and install it in the city.

Osada _That's right. In fact, overseas artists were paying attention to Shibuya. Therefore, after the coronavirus, we thought that expressing the thoughts of artists in the city would be an initiative to create new value for Shibuya.

_That leads to DIG SHIBUYA. I was surprised to learn that the participatory art project ``FriendsWithYou'' will be held by closing off Koen-dori!

DIG SHIBUYA's main artist is "FriendsWithYou". A unit consisting of Samuel Albert Vauxson, born in Miami, and Arturo Sandoval, born in Havana, Cuba. (Image provided by: SHIBUYA CREATIVE TECH Executive Committee)

I think the closure of Yoyogi_Koen-dori was made possible because DIG SHIBUYA was working together with Shibuya Ward and Koen-dori. After all, it's difficult to close roads. It may have been difficult to make this happen with just the people of the town and the event executive committee. I think this will be the first step in further opening up the city of Shibuya.

Miyamoto _That's right. Shibuya City took the initiative in negotiating with local residents and businesses, and the police accepted the challenge. I believe that DIG SHIBUYA, which brings together public spaces such as roads and parks, will open up new possibilities for Shibuya.

Akiko Miyamoto, Director of Industry, Tourism and Culture, Shibuya City

_Since this tour date is January 12th, participation in the FriendsWithYou participatory art held on the 13th is optional, but we would like all tour participants to stay overnight and participate!

Miyamoto_FriendsWithYou's participatory art is a performance called The Happy Dancing Rainbow Alliance,'' which aims to spread happiness and love around the world.'' I think you'll be able to see the parade pretty close. All tour participants will be guided to the FriendsWithYou giant cloud art that will appear in Yoyogi Park, so be sure to enjoy that as well.

FriendsWithYou's work has been exhibited around the world and is included in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami. (Image provided by: SHIBUYA CREATIVE TECH Executive Committee)

Enjoy art guidance from contemporary artists and a tour of cutting-edge ART x TECH all at once!

_For this tour, Mr. Osada will be attending the public recruitment program. Please tell us about the main attractions.

Osada_First, we will provide tour guidance at the coworking salon "SLOTH". Guidance will be given by Taihei Shii of "Start Barn" and Yoshiaki Nakata of "Proof of X", who were in charge of DIG SHIBUYA's art planning. Enjoy the conversation between Mr. Shii, who is also known as a contemporary artist, and Mr. Nakata, who is involved in blockchain-related businesses and is well-versed in NFTs. In the gallery on the second floor of SLOTH,'' you can see exhibits from Cultural Lab.,'' an experimental student lab that works with the theme of expanding fashion design.

Cultural Lab. "Cultural Lab." is expanding its range of activities based in Shibuya. The exhibition is based on the themes of fashion x communication and the expansion of fashion. (Image provided by: SHIBUYA CREATIVE TECH Executive Committee)

Osada_Next, we will move to the "Shibuya Ward Labor Welfare Hall" on Koen-dori and see the exhibitions of "Academimic" and "Useless Prototyping Studio." Academicmimic will exhibit works derived from research papers created through the collaboration of AI and humans. Experience a new way to enjoy academic papers.

Academimic "Academimic" is a creative label that promotes the fusion of science and pop culture. (Image provided by: SHIBUYA CREATIVE TECH Executive Committee)

Osada_Useless Prototyping Studio is an exhibition created from a science x art perspective inspired by research on quantum black holes. You can enjoy the ``Black Hole Recorder'', a phonograph-shaped device equipped with an artificial black hole, as an experiential art.

Useless Prototyping Studio Useless Prototyping Studio'' is a design studio that works with the theme of creating prototypes that are seemingly useless but inspire people's hearts.'' (Image provided by: SHIBUYA CREATIVE TECH Executive Committee)

Osada_After watching DIG SHIBUYA's main program "Friends With You" at Yoyogi Park, we will move on to "GALLERY X BY PARCO". There, you will see works by domestic and international artists focusing on the blockchain and smart contracts of "Proof of X."

"Proof of X" considers blockchain as a new medium and exhibits works by artists from Japan and abroad. (Image provided by: SHIBUYA CREATIVE TECH Executive Committee)

Osada _This time we introduced the artists that you can experience on tour, but there are also other attractive artists participating. Come experience cutting-edge technology and art in your free time or on the weekends.

Tour participants will receive an artist talk session!

_The highlight of this tour is being able to talk with the artists and judges. By asking questions and sharing your thoughts directly, you will be able to immerse yourself even more deeply into the world of DIG SHIBUYA.

Osada_ After visiting the public recruitment program, go to "Spotify O-Est" and listen to "SCRAMBLE NIGHT ART" by Jackson Kaki of "Refaraction" and Kyoko Kuno, a selection committee member of the DIG SHIBUYA selected program. Let's enjoy the talk session titled Talk.'' Also, on Spotify O-EAST'', you will see a video performance by ``Cyber ​​Namu Namu'', who creates works that combine Buddhist art and technology art. You will be able to enjoy a light production using 3D city data of Shibuya.

Cyber ​​Namu Namu "Cyber ​​Namu Namu'' is a creator group that aims to fuse Buddhist art and technology art. (Image provided by: SHIBUYA CREATIVE TECH Executive Committee)

Osada_Finally, we will have a MEET UP with all the tour participants and Yugien members. "Yu-Gi-en" is a metaverse project set in the super high-rise IR facility "\u-Gi-\n/Yu-Gi-en" built in Shibuya in the near future, and is an artist group participating in DIG SHIBUYA as a special project. . It is said that Yugien members hope to expand the possibilities of contemporary art. This time is an opportunity to speak openly with DIG SHIBUYA staff and artists. Please enjoy conversations with members who are at the cutting edge of ART x TECH, such as impressions of the tour and stories about NFT art that interests you.

_This tour is really packed with content, and it looks like you'll be able to spend time fully immersed in ART x TECH!

Osada _ The tour ends here, but during the event period, a movie will be shown on four large screens linked together at the scramble intersection in front of Shibuya Station from 24:00 to 25:00. The screen is usually filled with separate advertisements, so I think it will be a special experience to watch all the videos all at once.

An NFT stamp rally will also be held at stores in Shibuya Ward. There are 50 locations in total, so it may be difficult to visit all of them on your tour, but why not stay in Shibuya for 3 days to complete the tour?

_Finally, please give a message to the tour participants!

Miyamoto_Shibuya feels that a creative tech industry is being born by connecting technologies such as Web 3.0 and AI with art and culture. Please feel the fetal movement at DIG SHIBUYA. DIG means to dig up. We hope all tour participants will explore the city at DIG SHIBUYA and fall in love with the charm of Shibuya.

Osada_Shibuya has the image of being a chaotic town, but DIG SHIBUYA is where you can experience new experiences such as "Shibuya x Technology," "Shibuya x Art," and "Shibuya x Entertainment." Through DIG SHIBUYA, changes will be made to the scenery and flow of people in Shibuya. We want all tour participants to be the first to witness this change. I also think it will be a very special experience to meet the artists and planners and hear their stories. If you listen to the thoughts behind the works before viewing them, you will surely find a difference in the size and depth of what you take home.

Left: Shinko Osada, Director and Executive Director of Shibuya Mirai Design General Incorporated Association Right: Akiko Miyamoto, Director of Shibuya City Industry, Tourism and Culture
Shinko Osada
Director/Secretary General of Shibuya Mirai Design General Incorporated Association / Representative Director of Metaverse Japan / Director of Shibuya Smart City Promotion Organization (General Incorporated Association)
Sales and marketing of communications and corporate systems at AT&T and Nokia After working as a public relations manager, he joined Red Bull Japan in 2007. He worked for 10 and a half years as Chief Communications Officer and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to establish the energy drink category and penetrate the market with brands and products, before retiring in 2017. Since 2018, he has been promoting project activities to design the diverse possibilities of the city with Shibuya Mirai Design. As the representative of NEW KIDS Co., Ltd., he is an advisor on marketing and PR, as the representative director of Metaverse Japan, he is active in industry development activities, as a director of the Japan Dance Sports Federation, and as a director of the Marketer Career Association. His books include “Athletes x Brands: How to Create a Sports Scene that Shares Impression and Excitement” (Senden Kaigi/2020), and “Continues to Change! Shibuya City Development” (Kousakusha/2021) as edited by Shibuya Mirai Design.

Art x Tech Tour of "DIG SHIBUYA" with Shinko Osada of Future Design Shibuya

Tour: Scheduled to meet on Friday, January 12, 2024, and disband from 13:30 to 19:00.

Regarding application for participation/Please apply from the link below.

Tour Explanation

13:30-14:20 Guidance/SLOTH rooftop (about 50 minutes)

''SLOTH'' is a coworking space, but also a coworking salon where you can amplify your sensibilities by meeting friends. A place where various people come and go and various things happen every day, it is the perfect place to start a tour exploring chaotic Shibuya! At "SLOTH", tour guidance will be provided by Taihei Shisei of Startbahn, who was in charge of DIG SHIBUYA's art planning, and Yoshiaki Nakata of "Proof of X".

14:20-14:40 "CULTURE LAB." tour/SLOTH (approx. 20 minutes)

"SLOTH" is also an exhibition venue for DIG SHIBUYA. After the guidance, we will take a look at the works of ``CULTURE LAB.'' exhibited in the gallery on the second floor.

↓ Walk

14:50-15:30 Public program tour/Shibuya Labor Welfare Hall (approx. 40 minutes)

We will move to the "Shibuya City Labor Welfare Hall" and view the works of "Academimic" and "Useless Prototyping Studio", which were selected through DIG SHIBUYA's public recruitment. This is a work that takes an ART x TECH approach to research papers and quantum black hole research that are rarely touched upon. Enjoy this valuable experience!

↓ Walk

15:45-16:05 “FriendsWithYou” work tour/Yoyogi Park (about 20 minutes)

At Yoyogi Park, you will see a huge piece of art by DIG SHIBUYA's main artist "FriendsWithYou.'' There will also be photo spots available, so don't miss it!

↓ Walk

16:20-16:40 “Proof of X” exhibition tour/Shibuya PARCO (about 20 minutes)

We will move to "GALLERY X BY PARCO" in Shibuya PARCO and observe the "Proof of X" program. We will be looking at an exhibit that focuses on "profile images," which have evolved as blockchain technology advances.

↓ Walk

17:00-17:50 Talk session/Spotify O-EAST (approx. 50 minutes)

Go to “Spotify O-EAST”. Here, we have prepared a talk show titled "Talking about SCRAMBLE NIGHT ART" by Jackson Kaki of "Refaraction" and Kyoko Kuno, a member of the selection committee for the DIG SHIBUYA selection program. I'll take a break while preparing drinks and food.

17:50-18:00 Free time

18:00-18:15 “Cyber ​​Namu Namu” work tour/Spotify O-EAST (approx. 15 minutes)

We will take a look at the works of  "Cyber ​​Namu Namu'' exhibited at "Spotify O-EAST.'' This time, we plan to develop a program using 3D city data of Shibuya. Enjoy the light production of technology and Buddhist art.

18:15-19:00 MEET UP/Spotify O-EAST (about 45 minutes)

The highlight of this tour is finally here! Here, we will have a MEET UP with tour participants and Yugien members. Enjoy your special time!

It's good to take your time to look at art alone, but it's also good to see it with people who share your interests and get a different perspective. DIG SHIBUYA is the first project in an effort to bring together cutting-edge technology and art to create excitement throughout the town. On this tour, we will only be visiting places that symbolize Shibuya's culture. Let's all participate in an event that will create a new culture in Shibuya and have fun in Shibuya! We look forward to your participation!

For tour reservation click here!