A New Platform for Travel
Co-Creating the Future of the Region

Our purpose at "Nicher Travel" is to "contribute to the revitalization of local communities and human interaction through travel." We combine the passion and ideas of local governments, tourism associations, companies, brands, producers, creators, enthusiastic fan communities, sports teams, etc. ......., and the passion of the "protagonists" who wish to enliven their beloved regions, with the tour development capabilities of HANKYU TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL and the knowledge of Navitime Japan. Their knowledge are combined to plan unique journeys that would not have been possible with conventional travel agency package tours.

We would like to support the empowerment of travel destinations by creating a place online where a variety of unique tour plans can be found, while actually motivating the travelers to the destination.

Our wish is to discover and cultivate the charms of the regioin with our partners who will create tours with us, and to sow the seeds of exchange in various places. Everyone is the protagonist of the trip, whether you are the invitee or the visitor. A new type of travel filled with fresh surprises and excitement begins here.

This project is a joint project between HANKYU TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL and Navitime Japan, with the aim of regional revitalization.

Use Case

In collaboration with local governments, tourism associations, companies, brands, various organizations, and individuals, "Nicher Travel" will develop a variety of package tours from scratch. The service will be marketed online as HANKYU TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL's tour products. This service can be used in a variety of situations for regional revitalization, including branding by local governments and companies (regional and product promotion, CSR and SDGs activities, etc.), educational programs (extracurricular learning, workshops, etc.), and attracting visitors to events.


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"We want to create tours that will lead to the creation and expansion of the population involved." "We want to increase the number of opportunities for local residents and tourists to interact with each other through travel." "We want travelers to know about local attractions that are not included in tourist guides," etc. ....... We at "Nicher Travel" support the passion and ideas of all those who are working to revitalize local communities. If you would like to know more about our tour planning and services, please feel free to contact us using the form below.