Tour of Jukkoku Pass with Comedian "Takeda Barbecue" with BBQ of Local Produce

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This is a tour of Jukkoku Pass and a barbecue of local produce with comedian Takeda BBQ. 
Jukkoku Pass is located in Shizuoka Prefecture and has been designated as a national monument. Its name was derived from the fact that you can look out and see 10 of Japan’s feudal provinces: Izu, Suruga, Totomi, Kai, Shinano, Sagami, Musashi, Kazusa, Shimousa, and Awa. The people who named Jukkoku Pass must have really enjoyed the view! On a clear day, you can see not only Mt. Fuji, but also the Southern Alps, Suruga Bay, the Shonan coast, and the Miura coast. What a wonderful place to enjoy both the mountains that represent Japan and the ocean all at once! 

A panoramic 360° view of nature unfolding before your very eyes! What a magnificent unobstructed view. 

And of course, the fact that you’re going to Jukkoku means that there will be an abundance of delicious food available. This time, you can enjoy a barbecue on the mountain under the supervision of Takeda BBQ, an outdoor comedian affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo! What’s that? Barbecue is just grilling meat and vegetables? Don’t be fooled! We started by talking with Takeda BBQ, a barbecue lover who has shared some of his 250 barbecues a year on TV and YouTube. This tour can be enjoyed by anyone, even those without barbecue experience. 


A Fresh Look at the Joy of Barbecue

—You are currently active on YouTube and SNS. What made you want to start barbecuing in the first place?

Takeda BBQ (T): When I first joined the rugby club in high school, we had a welcome party for new members where we each brought our favorite food to grill by the river. Unfortunately, we were all just high school students so no one could afford meat, and we actually ended up with four whole cabbages. (Laughs) But it was a lot of fun, and that’s what got me started. After I graduated and started working towards becoming a comedian, I always used to invite people to go hang out by the ocean whenever I had free time. As you know, hanging out by the ocean always makes you want to have a barbecue. I hadn’t really done much cooking before, but as I got into barbecuing, I started posting videos on YouTube and earned my barbecue certification. 

—I see, so you were pursuing the joy of barbecue. What exactly do you like about barbecue?

T: It’s just fun to get together and eat with other people.
Also, when you go out to the countryside, there are lots of ingredients that you haven't seen before, which makes you want to try all sorts of things you find there. Instead of preparing everything in advance, we might grill sausages we found and bought on the way there and try them with a little bit of salsa. Adding that on-the-fly element makes it even more exciting. We really enjoy the atmosphere of each place and doing things that you can only do locally. 

Takeda BBQ cheerfully discussing the appeal of barbecue 

—Many people who enjoy barbecues and camping have their own styles and philosophies about the tools they use. Do you as well? 

T: There are so many options for tools these days, aren’t there? But I’m not very particular about the tools I use. Back when I first started barbecuing in particular, I just bought everything I needed at home improvement stores. Since then, I’ve updated my tools based on that. It’s not much of a philosophy, but I just really like going camping and having barbecues with people who also enjoy going camping and having barbecues.

—Is there anything you’re particular about when it comes to barbecue?

T: I try not to be overly strict. It’s no fun when you’re grilling and someone goes “Stop, you’re doing it out of order!” (Laughs) With that said, you know how there are people who will add their own weird seasonings at odd times? In the back of my mind I’m secretly thinking, “Hey, we don’t need that,” but then when I actually try it, I think, “Whoa, this sourness from whatever they just added is actually pretty good!” So making those kinds of discoveries is fun too. I always welcome impromptu additions. I try to just go with the flow.
Also, I always take the initiative in grilling, but I also take the initiative in eating as well. I don’t want to be one of those people who does all the grilling and forgets to eat themselves, making everyone else worry. I want to create an atmosphere and balance where people can eat without worrying about others. 

—I’m sure everyone appreciates that. Is there anything you want to communicate through barbecue?

T: I want to encourage people not to set such high expectations, and also, to get rid of existing stereotypes and look at it more broadly. Don’t limit what you cook just because you’re outdoors; take a more lighthearted approach and try various cooking methods. There are tons of surprising and unexpected recipes that you wouldn’t expect to be able to cook on a barbecue.
In fact, I think Japanese barbecue is developing very quickly from a global perspective. Mexicans tend to choose tacos and Americans enjoy smoked barbecue that takes an entire day to cook. However, in Japan, people do what they want without creating fixed genres. This has resulted in very multinational and diverse recipes with a wide range of options. You can do a lot with charcoal and a grill. Cooking fish with charcoal is much better than cooking fish with gas at home because the far-infrared rays keep it moist. It also smells great. The oil from the fish drips into the fire, which then rises and makes it even more delicious. More than anything, the best part about barbecue is that it brings the flavors of the ingredients themselves to life. 

Takeda BBQ was born in 1986 in Hyogo Prefecture. He is Japan’s only barbecue comedian, starting his career as Takeda BBQ in 2012. He loves barbecue so much that he has up to 250 barbecues a year. He enjoys outdoor activities in general (camping, fishing, mountain climbing, road biking, hunting animals such as deer, etc.). While sharing hearty barbecue recipes, Takeda BBQ also proposes easy and exciting recipes that anyone can enjoy with the theme of “a twist on ordinary barbecue,” and actively works to broaden communication through barbecue. He is currently active in a variety of fields, including magazines, books, stage, TV, online content, and events. He is Japan’s only barbecue-loving barbecue comedian. He is a barbecue ambassador for the Province of Alberta in Canada, has obtained Level 1 of the Oniku Kentei (meat meister certification), Level 2 of the Spice & Herb Kentei, and is a certified camping instructor.

Tour of Jukkoku Pass with Comedian "Takeda Barbecue" with BBQ of Local Produce

Assembly:January 20, 2024 (Sat) 12:00   Disbanding: about 20:30

Apply via the link below to participate

Tour Explanation

Assembly: January 27, 2024 (Sat) 10:00 at Atami Station

Bus Travel (transiting Mashiko Station on the Moka Railway at 10:00)

10:56 Arrival at Jukkoku Toge Noboriguchi by Izu Hakone Bus 

11:0012:00 Tour Guidance & Icebreaker, Introduction to the Area and Special Features/Rest House (Approx. 60 Mins.)

There is a cafeteria as well as stores and souvenir shops. Feel free to buy anything you need here. 

The trip starts at the foot of the mountain. Take this chance to get to know the other participants at the ice breaker at the rest house. 

12:0013:00 Free Lunch/Rest House (Approx. 60 Mins.) 

13:0014:00 Takeda BBQ’s Barbecue Workshop/Rest House (Approx. 60 Mins.)

The workshop will be held at the Mori no Eki Hakone Jukkoku Toge Rest House, located at the foot of the mountain. 

You will learn about tonight’s recipes from Takeda BBQ at the rest house. We hope you look forward to seeing the types of local ingredients that will be used in the recipes! 

Cable Car Travel to Summit from Mori no Eki HakoneJukkoku Toge (Within the Rest House)

At last, we head for the summit! Aren’t cable cars exciting? 

14:30 Arrive at Summit of Jukkoku Pass, Introduction ofFacilities and Jukkoku Pass by Staff/PANORAMA TERRACE (Approx. 20 Mins.)

What a magnificent view! Words can’t even describe it. 
TENGOKUCAFE in PANORAMA TERRACE sells churros shaped like the Japanese character“Toge” (Pass). Why not try taking a bite out of Toge?

15:00–17:30 Check-in and Free Time/THE GLAMPING Sky Deck Villa (Approx. 150 Mins.)

The only glamping facility on the mountain. Doesn’t the private atmosphere of the individual buildings feel luxurious? 
Enjoy the out-of-this-world scenery to your heart’s content and let your tiredness melt away. Of course you’ll catch a glimpse of the ocean as well. 

Check into the facility and enjoy some freetime. You can enjoy the spectacular 360° panoramic view from the top of themountain from the comfort of your room!

17:30–19:00 Barbecue at Facilities (Making Workshop Recipes) with Individual Visits from Takeda BBQ

These are the grills in each room. They are easy to handle, even for barbecue beginners.  The rooms also come fully stocked with cooking utensils. 
A spacious deck of over 20m2. Enjoy a bonfire in addition to the flames from your barbecue.

19:00 Disbanding

Feel free to relax in your room after you’ve finished your barbecue. We recommend looking for constellations in the night sky if the weather’s clear.

January 28, 2024 (Sun)
8:00 Breakfast/THE GLAMPING Buildings

An example of breakfast *Menu is subject to change

9:15 Cable Car Travel to Foot of Mountain 

9:30 Arrive at Foot of Jukkoku Pass and Ride on Chartered Bus  

Bus Travel

10:00 Local Food Souvenirs at “Michi no Eki Ito Gateway Kannami” (Approx. 40 Mins.) 

Bus Travel

On the second day of the tour, the bus will take you to Michi no Eki and stores selling fresh Izu local foods. We also recommend Tanna milk and yogurt produced in Kannami Town. 

Tanna cows will welcome you! Enjoy the taste of fresh Izu foods at home. 

10:50 Local Food Souvenirs at “Food Theme Park Izu Mura no Eki” (Approx. 40 Mins.)

Bus Travel

You can find ingredients unique to the area, or practice what you learned from the fun barbecue experience at home. We hope you will take an abundance of food back home with you along with your memories. 

12:00 Disbanding/Disbanding at Atami Station

We hope you enjoyed the tour!