On June 15, 2022, a new travel platform NICHER TRAVEL was launched with a mission of co-creating the future of local regions.

NICHER TRAVEL is a platform for planning, commercializing, and offering original package tours by bringing together local governments, tourism associations, companies and brands, producers, creators, and local people.By designing and actually sending visitors to the region to experience regional experience-type package tours, we will contribute to the promotion of exchange between the people who created the tours and the people who are invited, and contribute to the revitalization of the region.

We will also respond to the local's needs such as "we want to create tours that lead to the creation and expansion of a related population;" "we want to increase opportunities for local residents and travelers to interact with each other through travel;" and "we want travelers to learn about local attractions that do not appear in tourist guides." NICHER TRAVEL will support the passion and ideas of all those who are involved in regional revitalization by developing creative trips throughout Japan, and sending people to experience them.

In the future, content will also be posted online ( to convey the planning intentions and thoughts behind the tours. We will invite users to travel while appealing to them about the development of the tour products, their backgrounds, and the charms of the region.