City planning creators will navigate you. Matsusaka Eclecticism, Discovering Future Lifestyle in Matsusaka / Oku-Matsusaka Chapter

From August 1, 2023, "[Sponsored by Mie Prefecture in cooperation with Matsusaka City and Matsusaka Tourism Association] Navigated by city planning creators. Matsusaka Eclecticism, Discovering Future Lifestyles Tour / Oku-Matsusaka Chapter" will be on sale. This project has planned package tours with the aim of revitalizing the local community, using a variety of unique themes such as vinyl records, basketball, and photography as the starting point, and has proposed a new form of travel in which participants who share the same hobbies and culture can get together, deepen mutual exchange, and experience the charm of the region. We have proposed a new type of travel in which participants who share the same hobbies and culture gather to deepen their interaction with each other and experience the charms of the region.

This time, we will be taking you on a tour to discover the unique charms of the region and think about the way of life in the future, while deepening exchanges with creators who are struggling to "develop the town" in the "DISCOVER LOCAL MIE" project in Mie Prefecture, which focuses on areas that have not received much light up to now. This tour is designed to deepen exchanges with creators, discover the unique charms of the local area, and think about how to live there in the future.

We will visit "Oku-Matsusaka," a lodging, dining, and coffee shop in Iitaka-cho, located in the mountainous area of Matsusaka City. The "Oku-Matsusaka" is a base for "community development" opened this January by Ryo Takasugi, a designer who makes his living solving problems faced by local communities and businesses, and a member of the "Matsusaka City Regional Development Cooperation Team". We will visit Mr. Takasugi at Oku-Matsusaka, navigated by Mr. Kota Nakase of "vacant," a creative team based in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture that specializes in regional development.