Shibuya Photo Session Tour with photographer Taro Hirano is now open for registration.

From March 22, 2023, "Shibuya Photo Session Tour with Photographer Taro Hirano" will be on sale. This tour is the third in a series of local experience-type package tours planned in cooperation with the Shibuya City Tourism Association under the theme of "micro tourism" to enjoy sightseeing close at hand. Through this series, we propose unique trips to rediscover the charms of Shibuya. This tour will be navigated by photographer Taro Hirano, who is active in numerous media including magazines and is also known for his photo collection "POOL" and "Barabara" (co-authored with Gen Hoshino). Participants will take snapshots of the streets of Shibuya with a film camera or "Utsurun Desu" (a disposable camera). In a critique session to be held later (participants can also participate online), all participants will view their photos and deepen exchanges while learning about photography together with Mr. Hirano. There will also be a viewing of the legendary documentary film "Twelve Photographers" (courtesy of Sogetsu Kai), which follows the photography of the masters. Everyone is cordially invited to attend!